Paranormal Experiences


Hello and welcome to our website, we are a paranormal investigation team that carry out investigations at various locations in the UK in search of evidence of the afterlife.

We have a passion for anything involving the paranormal and have investigated places ranging from outdoor graveyards to haunted buildings and castles etc.

We also allow the public to join us on some of our investigations.

When you attend any of our investigations our aim is for you to get involved as much as possible with different activities and have an enjoyable experience, but we only ask you to join in with what you feel comfortable with.

On our investigations we carry out different experiments and use a lot of the latest equipment available including emf meters, ghost boxes, laser thermometers and motion sensors, which you can use also.

We also carry out different activities including table tipping, seances and using spirit boards, so we usually find there is something for everyone at our investigations and after you have taken part in each one we try to give you free time later on so you can choose which activity you want to do more of.

We thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon on one of our investigations where you can become a paranormal investigator for the night.

The Paranormal Experiences Team