Paranormal Experiences


Some of the equipment we use on our investigations :-

EVP RECORDER - Used to detect any Electronic Voice Phenomena

GHOST BOX - It has been suggested that spirits can use the white noise created from a scanning radio device to make words and communicate

MOTION SENSORS - Used to detect any movement that might occur

LASER GRID LIGHT - This puts out a wide laser light view, on a wall for example, and will show if anything moves across the light beams

TORCHES - Please try and bring one of these for your own use

EMF METER - These devices will pick up electronic fields over different frequencies and it is believed that they can detect the energy when spirit is around

SPIRIT BOARD - This is used as a communication tool for spirit. The idea is that spirit uses people's energies to move (usually a glass or planchette) around the board, spelling words and giving dates

DIGITAL THERMOMETER - These can be used to detect any cold spots or sudden drops in temperature

NIGHTVISION CAMCORDER - These record footage in darkness without giving off any light visible to the human eye

INFRA-RED CAMERA - These are used to take pictures in the darkness, using an infrared flash not visible to the human eye

EM PUMP - The theory is that these devices pump electromagnetic force said to give spirits more energy to feed off and help them to communicate more in various ways

DOWSING RODS - Dowsing rods have been used for many years as a communication tool where it is believed spirits can move the rods in different ways to answer questions

PENDULUMS - The pendulum is used for spirits to move it in a certain way to show yes or no answers. The pendulum is also used in spiritual healing