Paranormal Experiences


Items we recommend you bring to any of our investigations are :-

* A torch, as it can be very dark in some locations

* Sensible footwear, as you can be on your feet for quite long lengths of time

* Warm clothing, as some of the locations can drop cold at night

Other item's you may wish to bring to our investigations :-

*Drinks and light refreshments will be served but please feel free to bring any of your own if you wish, alcohol though is not permitted.

*Feel free to bring any of your own ghost hunting equipment if you wish to do so.

*Camera's and camcorder's are allowed at our investigations unless otherwise stated.

What to expect when attending any of our investigations :-

When you attend a ghost hunt with Paranormal Experiences our aim is for you to have the most enjoyable time possible.

Upon arrival we will start off with a brief introduction and talk about the nights events and the equipment we use.

We will then go over a few rules and guidelines for the evening and then answer any questions you may have.

During the event you will get to be involved in activities such as seances, table tipping, evp sessions and using spirit boards.

You will get to use equipment including emf meters, ghost boxes, dowsing rods, motion sensors and laser thermometers amongst other things.

Around half way through the event we will have a break where you will be served light refreshments.

We will then carry on with the investigation before allowing you some free time to carry out which activities you have enjoyed the most.