Paranormal Experiences


1. No persons under the age of 18 are allowed to attend any of our investigations

2. Some of our locations may not be suitable for disabled people or people with poor health, while we treat everyone equally we must always put the safety of people first

3. We do not allow heavily pregnant women to attend our investigations because of the nature of some of the locations

4. All clients must act responsible when attending any of our investigations and not cause harm or injury to any other persons or to yourself and not put yourself or others in any danger.

5. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at any of our investigations and if you are suspected of being under the influence of either you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

6. No smoking is permitted indoors at any of our locations.

7. Paranormal Experiences are not liable for the loss or damage to personal belongings either on the way to the investigation, at the investigation or on the journey back from the investigation.

8. You the client attend any of our investigations at your own risk, Paranormal Experiences accept no liability for any accident/injury to a client however it may be caused.

9. We encourage all clients to have there own 3rd party insurance at any investigation as although we have our own insurance some of our policies may not be covered due to some locations boundaries being beyond normal access categories.

10. Paranormal Experiences accept no responsibility for clothing, equipment or vehicle damage, your belongings are your own responsibility.

11. We ask you do not wander off on your own at any time and remain with the organisers

12. When leaving any of our locations please be respectful to any nearby residents due to the unsociable hours of our events

13. In the unlikely event of us having to cancel any investigation we will give you a full refund

14. If you cannot attend an investigation you have booked please notify us asap and although our investigations are non refundable we can offer to arrange to transfer you to another investigation

15. We cannot guarantee spirit activity at any of our investigations but we can guarantee that we will do our best to give you the most enjoyable experience possible

16. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are further indemnifying the promoters / organisers from and against all legal liability in respect of any claims, damages, costs, penalties, actions, demands, proceedings, any kind of legal suits, losses or expenses amounted in respect of or arising out of the injury or death to any persons, or damage to any property arising from the clients participation and involvement in any of the activities.

17. We never store your credit card details nor do we share your pesonal details with any 3rd parties.