Paranormal Experiences



Midworth street


NG18 1AT

09th February 2019

08.30 P.M Until 1.30 A.M

£25 Per Person

Join us for a night of ghost hunting at the Village in Mansfield.

This grade 1 listed building was once a slaughter house and then went on to be a Malt house in the 1800's.

It was then a nightclub in more recent years before being stood empty for over 12 years until 2013.

This building is so old and with all it's history there is no wonder it is so reputedly haunted.

We have always had lots of activity on previous visits including incredible table tipping, spirit board sessions and meter activity.

We will have access to lots of different areas of the building to carry out our investigation.

So join us for the night and see what you can uncover about this mysterious old building.

Included on the night will be -

* Activities including seances and table tipping

* Use of all our equipment including spirit boards, emf meters, motion sensors and dowsing rods

* Tea, coffee and juice served throughout the night plus a buffet served around half way through